Rave Reviews


“V2D has provided a safe environment for me to clarify my vision, focus on specific tasks to share my life’s work, create an actionable plan for the next 6 months, and learn the most important lessons in redefining myself – character and integrity, and how a lack thereof will impact my ability to get my message to market. Thanks to Joel, I’m no longer invisible. I’m clarifying my language, finding the gifts/lessons, and making the adjustments. One step at a time.”

Sirena Budrakey

$475,000 in 174 Days!"

Joel enabled me to strategically position and present my ideas... Taking me from $0 to $475,000 in174 days.

Ann DeVere , Speaker

“Joel has put a sense of mission in me to help others to be financially independent, he has given me the tools to make a success out of business, he has enabled me to understand that ‘less is more,’ and he has sharpened my focus on delivery.”

Nina Tan

“I found influence principles I could immediately apply to my business on almost every page.”

David Goldsmith , Founder, MetaMatrix Consulting, Inc.

"Be very, very careful with this book in your hands. It is powerful - almost too powerful - to the point of being explosive. This is nomealy-mouthed, run-of-the-mill, watered-down business book. This is a book that will change the way you do just about everythingassociated with your business; from approaching new clients to communicating with senior executives in a way that not only grabstheir attention, but solidifies their commitment as well. Can you handle it? (By the way...I just used one of the many techniques Ilearned in How to Persuade People Who Don't Want to be Persuaded: The Fright Challenge!)

Bill Treasurer , Founder, Giant Leap Consulting, Inc., Author of Right Risk

“Joel has taught me how to organize everything for a public event, and given me the experience that it is super easy to do public speaking. Thank you Joel – you know the rest without saying.”

William Scott

“Joel you’ve shown me that I can share my experiences and make a living doing so. I’ve yet to complete my system but am working on it. I met you at a point in my life where I was reinventing myself, this fits perfectly. You’ve shown me the value that I have to offer.”

George Trendov

“Joel gave me permission, power, and tools to propel my businesses and plans into instant higher manifestation. Within 72 hours of finishing Profit Point 17, I had shot and edited three promotion videos. One raised much needed investment capital for my dairy-free milk and ice cream company, Omega Creamery. Another opened a serious dialogue with CBRE’s top producing multi-family brokerage and finance team for me to be engaged as a marketing consultant, both within one week of finishing PP17 and potentially worth six figures to me within 18 months. Thank you Joel!”

John Schindler

“Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal and Joel Bauer’s How to Persuade People Who Don’t Want to Be Persuaded are two essentials for those looking to succeed in business.”

Bob Bedbury , Director of Business Development, Gumas Advertising

“Since I met Joel in Miami in December 2011, we have purchased the license to operate P2P in Canada, Calls2Wealth, and have increased my new patients to 20-30 more than I used to have per month. Note each dental patient is worth $2,000-$2,500/person.”

Roland Estrabillo

“I flew to your events three times in five months – coming from Germany – to learn from the best. I haven’t found anybody in the world who pulled me in more. This is the last speaker, communication, and human marketing training I will attend, I am sure about that. I accept you as my mentor, you nurtured me and gave me everything you have. As a direct result of your trainings, I conducted my first events and founded my own Mastermind group – the MetaGeniusClub – about three weeks after attending Passion2Profit in January. You allow me to fulfill my mission to create a better world for the next generations to come. I can’t thank you enough!”

Markus Fischer

“For over 20 years, I have struggled to bring my gifts to the world. No training I ever invested in was able to move me forward into a higher level of contribution. Joel, your events and brilliant trainings have brought Life to my dreams and my dreams to Life. I always said I am here to make an impact on people’s lives, and now, with confidence and gratitude, I know that it is becoming truth. Courage has replaced insecurity and passion has replaced doubt. I now know, after all these years, this is my time to shine. Your mentorship and Presence from the heart has changed my Life…permanently. I am greater because of you. From my heart and Soul, thank you.”

Alana Love

“The difference that Joel Bauer has made in my life is that I’m no longer retired, and no longer retiring, and my wife finds that incredibly sexy.”

Elliott Frank

“Words cannot express what you’ve done for my family and me. Increasing our income at my first post-Profit Point event 3 times more than normal is only the beginning. It’s not about the money, it’s about your heart and what you’re willing to give to your students. We love you!”

Marquetta Breslin

$60,000 per year while in high school

Joel’s training enabled me to: Generate $60,000 per year while in high school, appear on television and in 100+ newspapers & Magazines, gain acceptance to Babson University and secure my current executive shareholder position.

Johnathan Jacques , Influencer

“Joel’s Passion2Profit, Profit Point, and Voyage2Destiny events have been absolutely transformational. Without in any way slamming my undergraduate and MBA programs, I have to say that I’ve learned more with Joel that I can really use than I ever did through ‘traditional’ schooling. I can’t imagine having made a better or more impactful investment in myself --- period.”

Daniel Ulin

“Joel Bauer’s system created a systematic approach to marketing for our accounting firm. We grew over 9% on $5M annualized in revenue, ytd. We are up $300K and profit is $200K on the new revenue. I am able to communicate effectively and generate massive results selling our services. I am a co-founder of a startup – ORock Cloud. The world’s most secure cloud where you know where your data is at all times. We are currently in contracts with Raytheon and negotiations with entertainment companies that want to prevent piracy with their data. We are charging $12,000 a month per user and before JB we would have charged $1,000 a month, the price will be going up! Thru Profit Point, I am in touch with my intuition more than ever. My relationships are priceless along with the ‘6 degrees from separation.’ The experience has unblocked me to the point where I am leaving the tax practice full-time to 10 hours a month to maintain my relationships and expand other investments and business interests.”

Stephen Hall

“Joel has enabled me to speak from the heart, no scripts, no memorization of notes, and as a direct result of that, my closing rates have increased by over 400%. That has translated into better conversions in my presentations, sales pages, webinars and live events. Joel has truly changed my life!”

Peng Joon

“As a result of Joel Bauer, I became more confident as an ambassador of my brand. After implementing just a few of his teachings on how to present myself in terms of how I dress, the way I speak and systemizing my processes, I’m able to increase my connection with my prospects and turn them into my customers.”

Elizabeth Ho

“Joel has given me the opportunity to be myself and to express myself in a way that lets me create a business that was developed from my life experiences and, most importantly, from the heart. I now have the confidence to speak without ‘presenting’ but speaking from my heart and what I love to do. I have a deeper understanding why I must share my gifts.”

Helga Klopcic

“Joel you have ‘activated’ my gifts and passions like no one else has! The truth is I have spent over $100,000 in mentors over the last 2 years and you are the FIRST that has helped me to discover and truly believe that I have the speaking gift for others. Many others have told me that they see me speaking to large crowds, but I have always dismissed this – until I found you. Since you have helped ‘change my mind’ to believe in myself, you have enabled me to step into my destiny elevating others. Because of you Joel, I am now able to improve the lives of others and to leave the legacy that I was born for. You see I come from a ‘simple’ family and was even the first to attend college. You have empowered me to help others, while earning more than I could ever imagine, changing my family tree financially FOREVER! Thank you so much Joel for believing in me and giving me the tools to believe in myself!”

Shane Randall

“Joel Bauer taught me how to frame my ideas so that whatever I was marketing, product or service became the only logical choice.”

Karsten Arend

“Joel Bauer has empowered me to streamline and optimize my marketing and procedures, and added impact and profitability both online and offline.”

Don Johnson

“Joel, before I attended P2P in October 2009 I was negative in my bank, had no mastery, was lost and confused. Since April 2013 I developed a system that now generates me $30,000-$40,000 per month. I support my mother, my brother, my fiancé and son. I have no worries about money or travel, and even enabled my mom to go on her dream vacation which is this cruise. I sincerely love and appreciate you more than you’ll ever comprehend.”

Matthew Behdjou

“Joel, your training has helped me to live my dream, my life mission to help TEENAGERS with life skills which are never taught in any school or college. Your tools gave me the freedom to create my system, you showed me how to speak and share my heart with parents. I am now independent as you have put the puzzle pieces together. I now have the ability to connect to any person, object, picture and convey my message whether it is a hand sanitizer, piano, or restaurant menu card and it’s all your fault!”

Rashmi Gajjar

“As a direct result of my training with Joel Bauer, I am now a professional speaker presenting Passion2Profit in Canada; we have added over $500,000 in additional income producing events with Joel; I have created systems and structures around our 5-8 businesses, and these systems are so duplicable I know we could create more businesses; and I have empowered many parents to be at peace with the loss of a child – as a mom who lost my own daughter I know my experience is a gift to others.”

Alysse Estrabillo

“After Joel Bauer and his trainings I hired myself. I speak, I move, I circulate, I connect at the heart with myself, and I connect @ the heart with others. I own and am a powerful business that transforms lives that were like mine. I bring them to the joy that was there all the time, and they go do the same. Thank you from my heart.”

Kate Koehne

“A must read and a fun read for business people at any level. The book grabs you the moment you pick it up and is full of underground practices, which will have you persuading like a professional pitchman.”

Max Cohen , Co-founder and CEO, CashAdvance.com

“In my 14 years as a government officer, we were given about 10 days of training per year. So that’s about 140 days. Then I left to serve the world on a bigger scale. I was a seminar junkie for the past 5 years and spent at least S$50,000. Having attended so many trainings and seminars, I can honestly say from my heart that Mentor Joel is it. He is the ultimate and only mentor that anybody would ever need. If I had trained with him much earlier, I would have saved years of information overload and confusion. The other training just overcharge and leave us hyped up but incomplete. Mentor Joel literally passes on his life’s work to us, saving us decades of learning curve and creates such a strong community of network and accountability that all his students are guaranteed phenomenal success and performance even when we just apply a fraction of what he teaches us. He truly cares for us and we thrive under his mentorship. Words are simply not enough to thank him. As a result of implementing a few of Mentor Joel’s techniques, I am able to breakthrough my emotional blockage and take action where I couldn’t from other seminars.”

Angelina Chng

$10,000 in credit card debt to $10,000,000

I went from $10,000 in credit card debt to $10,000,000 (10 million USD) in 4 years. I've had some of the best mentors in the country. Joel, just by watching him and spending time with him, I realized this is the guy I want as my mentor...

Wendy Robbins , Founder of Nowhere to Millionaire

“Joel, I’ve known you for years. You were always very gracious to me and you’ve always given me wisdom. Since Profit Point, my life, my goals, and my aspirations have shifted dramatically. I’ve always believed everything happens at a specific time for a specific reason, and when I decided – with your permission – to attend Profit Point 17 in Woodland Hills, I knew my life would never be the same from that point forward. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my mentor. I love you Joel.”

Ivan Carney

Joel Bauer has been the catalyst to our personal and financial metamorphosis in the last few years. Since generating over 100,000 in our first 3 presentations. We now speak and train audiences internationally, offer our coaching in an automated system, and can travel frequently as a result of Joel’s non-conventional and highly effective education.

David and Sabera Lee

“Since Joel has been in my life…I communicate from my heart – whether in a big group or one on one. He showed me that emotional connection is truly the key to having a purposeful life and it is clearly the way to inner peace. Living life on your own terms is the only true success. Thank you for the endless support. Everyone should have Joel in their life. I ‘love you’ and ‘like you’ don’t ever change.”

Laurence Oliviero

“Joel, you have given me concrete confirmation that I was meant to be born; destined to serve and EMPOWER humanity; follow my TRUEST passion; and fulfill upon my ultimate PURPOSE and calling…. I began questioning my existence and the meaning of life at age 8. I have never felt so UNDERSTOOD by any other human being on earth, in my entire life, than by you. You are the only SOLUTION necessary that will enable me to profoundly IMPACT humanity on a global scale, and the missing link to my DREAMS. I LOVE you eternally.”

Karen Love Lee

“I’ve watched Joel Bauer work with audiences for 12 years and now I understand why he’s been the undisputed leader in persuasion. But How to Persuade People Who Don’t Want to Be Persuaded isn’t just a story about Joel. It’s an unselfish recipe for personal and professional development. This book is a gift.”

Matt Hill , President , The Hill Group

You have empowered me to help others

You have empowered me to help others, while earning more than I could ever imagine, changing my family tree financially FOREVER! Thank you so much Joel for believing in me and giving me the tools to believe in myself.

Shane Randall , Online Marketing Expert

“Joel Bauer has created a new standard in the business and speaker arena. He inspires me to set a higher standard.”

Tracy Wong

“Joel Bauer and Mark Levy teach you how to get into the mind of the decision maker and convert ‘no’ into ‘yes."

Jeffrey Gitomer , Author of The Sales Bible and The Patterson Principles of Selling

“Meeting and working with Joel has empowered me to redefine my purpose in life and change my perception of how I view myself and my contribution to the world and life. I can now say, with power and conviction, that what I do contributes to a healthy environment, saves energy, and contributes millions of $ to my clients bottom line.”

Murray Millander

“As a result of Joel Bauer’s coaching I am now able to articulate my life’s work and experience on and offstage, which enables me to have a greater impact and to change the lives of people like you, with families like yours, online and offline, anywhere in the world. I help people increase the effectiveness of their marketing messaging, enable them to generate more leads than ever before, and convert those leads into more loyal customers and raving fans than they ever imagined possible.”

Bill Crane

“This cruise/workshop has made a huge impact on me personally. I don’t see myself as purely a CPA, however, it provided me with an environment of like-minded individuals. The entire journey, from Profit Point 13 in November 2012 to Voyage2Destiny, has been a rejuvenation from a ‘give away’ accountant to someone who now knows he has the potential to earn more income in a shorter time frame. Ultimately, the main message is I will work towards independence doing what makes me – as a professional – motivated. I have accomplished more in 1 year than in my entire procrastinated life, i.e. book, pitch, 1st speaking engagement.”

Lino Fera

“Joel Bauer is such a rock star. He has shown up with his own brand of real magic and it will rock your world. Read every word and read it again.”

Angelica J. Holiday , TV producer, entertainment/advertising/marketing & brand consultant

“None of the speakers and trainers at the various seminars and events that I’ve attended these years come close to what Joel Bauer has to offer. I consider it my good fortune to have met a fabulous good trainer and all-nurturing mentor like Joel. Just by applying or implementing some of the many marketing techniques allows me to have an edge over my competitors and gave my clients new interest in our business relationship again. It’s a new conversational piece just that this time round, I am not only promoting my company and services, I am at the same time bringing new awareness to their company as well!! Kudos to our trainer/mentor for the useful tools and techniques. It certainly will help bring my company to the next level. You are a REAL MARKETING GURU Joel!!”

Clara Tang

"Joel Bauer and Mark Levy draw back the curtain and let you see, hear, touch, and use the most mysterious mechanisms of success -- influence and persuasion. If you're thinking lightweight cunning or heavyweight sociology, forget it. We're talking about an ancient craft our ancestors knew that our generation forgot. This book will teach you how to wield your best ideas to influence others with the mystical dexterity of a caveman who strikes a flint just so -- and creates fire."

Nick Corcodilos , Founder, North Bridge Group, Inc., Author of Ask the Headhunter

I worked with Joel yesterday for two hours on my business plan. Within twenty six hours, I had seven offers. Seven proposals on the table for business from huge players in all different industries. The only thing that I know that I changed was my facebook. Anybody who wants to leverage themselves in this industry or make any kind of money in this industry, they need to work with Joel. I have potentially 100K on the table right now. It’s too much business to handle. So I’m thankful. I’m thankful to Joel. I have to meet with him again just so he can tell me what to do with all of it.

Amber Martinez

“As a direct result of working with you and finally taking action I could quit my 9-5 job and make more money than my old job in only three weeks. The safe family environment you’ve created has made it almost impossible to fail.”

Quang Bui

“As a result of learning from Joel Bauer I have been able to find true clarity on what I want to do in life. Not only that, I have learned from him to monetize my life’s experience.”

Laura Scheffner Alonso

“As a direct result of applying a gentle application close to my Power Point presentation last month to a group of dental professionals, I was able to close 44% of the room with an earning potential of $18,000 that I used to get paid under $500 speaking for 1 ½ hrs. In addition to this incredible result I had 5 of my students approach me for ongoing coaching/mentoring. Joel’s systems and process work.”

Judy Hunt

“Joel, I feel I knew you for at least 5 years before I actually met you. I was looking for something that would tangibly give me the precise steps to become successful. By attending your November Passion2Profit in Los Angeles, I received the high level moves to immediately start earning more as a consultant. I also lost 25 pounds between that P2P and the March 26-31, 2014 Profit Point 17, by implementing just 2 of the healthy eating tips. Every time I see you I am at a loss for words and can only say thank you. I know you understand that and very soon I will have the RESULTS for my clients, and that will be all the difference. Thanks again for your mentorship.”

KC Harry

“Joel has given me the knowledge to pursue my dreams of being a transaction engineer in Real Estate Dealings. I now know what I need to do to market myself professionally as the person of choice, the one that has all the answers, the one who can make the deal work.”

Tony Whalen

“Joel, after a significant event in my working life I had lost my purpose. Life without purpose is not good. You have helped me to find a new purpose. That was a terrific difference you have made in my life. Thank you so much!”

Jochen Siepman

“While reading Joel Bauer’s book, you’ll get an urge to rush out and test what you’ve learned. When you see your first ‘victim’s’eyes light up, you’ll realize his persuasion techniques really work. From that moment on, you’re hooked.”

Scott Goodman , CEO, Samson Technologies

$25 per hour to $25,000 per client!

Joel's systems & events transformed me from $25 per hour to $25,000 per client and from an unknown to an International Best Selling author, speaker, media personality & brand positioning consultant.

Emma Tiebens , Speaker

Joel Bauer will Change your Business

Joel Bauer will literally change the way you conduct your business, the way you view and live your life and the results you get in terms of happiness, satisfaction and financial reward.

Martin Howey , Business Trainer, CEO Topline Business Solutions

“Joel, before you, I didn’t have a system or know where to start – you’ve given us your entire system, you live it. Seeing what you do, gives me permission to accept myself. Now what I offer has meaning, I know what to do to follow through. I have hope and believe I can be how I was meant to be. Greater than before, I’m closer to and driven by those I love. What can I say? You’re real. I aspire to always demonstrate who and what I love by what I prove, as you do. I’m more of a vibrant woman now, recognized, respected and loved more than ever before. Thank you.”

Stephanie Anson

“For 15 years I’ve been teaching small business owners how to use Quickbooks – earning $300K+/year. Had 2 classes – basic and advanced – nothing more. Joel showed me how to change my business to create greater income, how to help move people, how to make me the only logical choice and expand my offerings. I only had written testimonials, no class shots. Now I’m getting to start over and do it right!”

Alice Fields

“This experience has changed my life by showing me that it is ok to be myself with all my flaws. I felt embarrassed by my failures, flaws, past, and felt I needed to hide because I was not good enough. Profit Point and Voyage2Destiny have helped me realize that I am ok as I am and I don’t have to be perfect. I connect differently with others after this experience and the connections are more authentic. I feel more comfortable in my skin. This shift will help me in many areas of my life including work and personal.”

Lucy Guzman

“Within 1 week of PP17, I secured a client at $3,000/month. 3 weeks after PP17, I formed a joint venture with another PP17 student, and in one event we earned over $5,000. I now have the structure and clarity to implement my passion creating an ongoing revenue stream.”

Kirsten Iversen

Joel Bauer has enabled me to overcome my fear of public speaking. As a direct result of Joel’s training, I now have an effective income producing website and message. Now, my clients find me and trust me - online and offline.

Joan Bowley

“By implementing what I learnt from you I increased sales x3 which means I get to serve more people whilst building an ethical international business that will have a great effect in raising consciousness across the planet.”

Mark Skipper

“Joel, P2P gave me tools and assets to put me in control of my business and my life. As a result of building assets as you teach us, I have abundant credibility and proof of my expertise as an exit strategist. PP9 gave me the training, structure, and process to run high level events where I can attract ideal clients to my programs.”

Kerri Salls

"How to Persuade People Who Don't Want to Be Persuaded is a gem. Its concepts are clear, its examples are powerful, and the writing in it provides readers with the energy inherent in a great pitch. If you want to elevate your ideas and get them received as if they were manna from heaven, you must read this book."

Leslie Yerkes , President, Catalyst Consulting Group, Inc., Author of 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work, Fun Works, and Beans

“As an event producer in Asia for over 10 years, Joel Bauer has created the highest positive feedback for my clients, and is financially very rewarding for me as a producer in the shortest time.”

Aaron Sim

“As a result of preparing for and attending Voyage2Destiny, I did more work in getting my assets done in 2 months than I have in 6 years since I got trained by you at my first Passion2Profit in 2008.”

Charles Nguyen

"Joel Bauer and Mark Levy's book is phenomenal. I read an early draft and used two techniques (the Paper Metaphor and the Transformation Mechanism) at a trade show to generate a years' worth of qualified leads in three days! This book will make your sales productivity soar."

Kevin Daum , EO, Stratford Financial Services, An INC 500 Company

I could quit my 9-5 job and make more than my old job

As a direct result of working with you and finally taking action, I could quit my 9-5 job and make more than my old job in only three weeks. The safe family environment you’ve created has made it almost impossible to fail.

Quang Bui , Video Production Expert

“No hocus-pocus here. This book will awaken the negotiator within and enable you to be more persuasive that you ever thought possible.”

William Bakoyni , President and CEO, Video Technologies

“Joel Bauer has been the catalyst to our personal and financial metamorphosis in the last few years. Since generating over £100,000 in our first 3 presentations. We now speak and train audiences internationally, offer our coaching in an automated system, and can travel frequently as a result of Joel’s non-conventional and highly effective education.”

David and Sabera Lee

"Joel Bauer and Mark Levy elevate the art of salesmanship to a level others only dream about, and reveal persuasion strategies few professionals would be willing to share. Truly, this is a book on how to be a success."

Larry Becker , Former Creative Partner of Becker-Kanter Advertising

As a direct result of Joel Bauer’s linguistics, just using his languaging pattern, I have made $920,000 in my bank account and over 2 million dollars in capitol. I have the proof and I’ve got the bank accounts to show for it. -

Emanuel Jardin

“Before PP17 w/ JB I felt like I was meant to live this life alone and do everything by myself. I got a lot of things done in my life but always wanted a mentor. Through JB’s love and madness to enable people to help themselves and others, I gained hope to finally find someone I can trust to mentor me. He not only provided this mentorship he created a family that also supports me. For the first time in my life I don’t feel like the black sheep that everyone needs to kick around. He created a family where we all take care of each other. JB changed my life – he created a new world to allow me to freely just be me. A place I always try to create for myself and my employees (my extended family) but it’s hard to keep it that way sometimes. He gave me more courage and hope to keep on doing what I’m doing and make it better.”

Stella Song

“Joel stretched me in my learnings to be a persuasive and stellar speaker and to speak from the heart. The opportunity to network with Profit Point graduates was invaluable as it was a tremendous masterminding experience. I am so grateful for the whole learning experience which has greatly enriched me. Joel has been so generous in imparting his years of experience and in conveying all to his students. I would highly recommend him as an expert in persuasive marketing.”

Lisa Ng

“How to Persuade People Who Don’t Want to Be Persuaded is candid, insightful, educational, and fun. Read it and put some magic into your business life.”

Jeffrey J. Fox , Author of How to Make Big Money in Your Own Small Business and How to Become CEO

“Joel you have allowed me to finally confirm my understanding of being the unique self I am. We all are different but yet the same. Thank you for providing me answers to all the doubts that stayed with me for over 40 years. May God bless you and your family. Keep up with the good work.”

Suresh Devnani

“Joel Bauer has enabled me to overcome my fear of public speaking. As a direct result of Joel’s training I now have an effective income producing website and message. Now, my clients find me and trust me – online and offline.”

Joan Bowley

“Before Joel, I hadn’t been doing any events. After Joel, I realized that events are easy to do. I’ve done 8 events, just 1 week after Joel’s training.”

David Chua

“Bauer and Levy don't just prove the power of persuasion in their new book; they show you how to become an expert at this key life skill—quickly and easily.”

Peter Economy , coauthor of Managing for Dummies

“As a direct result of Joel’s training, I discovered the real value of my knowledge and how to monetize my passion in ways I never imagined. My hourly rate tripled after 1 day at Passion2Profit and I have more clients than ever before.”

Kaleb Nation

Easily Over $112,000

Less than a year after training with Joel, I have easily put over $112,000 of additional income into my bottom line. This additional income I directly attribute to my Joel Bauer education.

Srini Saripalli , Father & Business Professional

“A must read and a fun read for business people at any level. The book grabs you the moment you pick it up and is full of underground practices, which will have you persuading like a professional pitchman.”

Thomas J. Waletzki , President, Eizo Nanao Technologies

He inspires me to set a higher standard

Joel Bauer has created a new standard in the business and speaker arena. He inspires me to set a higher standard.

Tracy Wong

“Joel has made a difference in my life in several ways. Joel gave me the opportunity to create another family I cherish and love. He gave me the permission to do a lot of the things I was previously intimidated and genuinely terrified of. Joel showed me that I can do what it is I am completely passionate about and how to make it my life’s work. I now know that I have an incredible TIME advantage that I want and need to utilize Now. Joel has given me the opportunity to create relationships with incredible individuals I know I will cherish and work with for life.”

Sam Estrabillo

“Joel has made a difference in my life by increasing my discernment in choosing accountability partners, increasing my self-confidence and self-esteem, increasing my vulnerability, increasing my sociability, and showing me how to connect with people on a deeper level. I think this event has had the most impact on me because we had time to implement and time to synthesize.”

Pauline Melo

Mentor Joel literally passes on his life's work to us, saving us decades of learning curve and creates such a strong community of network and accountability that all his students are guaranteed phenomenal success and performance even when we just apply a fraction of what he teaches us.

Angelina Chng