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Joel Bauer programs are known worldwide as "The Gold Standard of Presence, Pitch and Persuasion Training."

Choose from 3 paths toward "psionic persuasion" mastery. People will happily pay you for sharing your story, your genius, your product, your message.

Face it, finding real success as a pro speaker, presenter or influencer is no easy trick. There's no "sideshow smoke and mirrors" to make it "magically" appear from thin air. If you're in a spot where...

  • You're tired of being "the best kept secret"...
  • You know the world needs what you have to share...
  • Things just aren't moving as FAST as you want (or need)...


You're the reason Joel created his "Bauer Spotlight®" series. These are digital versions of his 3 BEST programs, delivered directly to your virtual doorstep. No matter what level you're at, there's a path for you. Choose the program that's right for you, with some of the most insanely valuable special bonuses Joel's (or ANYONE) ever offered!

These are the master crafted presence, pitch and persuasion trainings you've been dreaming of. Finally - 3 strategically linked options that will help you rapidly grow your authority, reputation and bottom line, along with some amazing gifts.


3 World-class programs – yours to unlock, right now!

The proven speaking, presentation and influence curriculum – PLUS dozens of amazing bonuses – ostensibly leading to measurable long term exposure, influence and income.


Joel Bauer's "Zero2Hero in 14 Days"

Joel Bauer Will Hold Your Hand Step-By-Step To Go From ZERO To HERO in 14 Days...

Mentor, Joel Bauer, teaches people with no online experience or technical skill to go from zero to potentially $14,000.00 USD or more in 4-7 days or less... READ MORE



Complete "Mentorship Membership"

From Concept to Crystallization to Clients - 12 Full Months of Training With Joel Bauer...

If you truly want to be a student, and ultimately a master in the art of presence, pitch and persuasion, this is the program for you. You'll get... READ MORE


Joel Bauer's "MasterClass"

The Flagship Joel Bauer "Master's Masterclass" That Re-Wrote all the Rules

During this now legendary event, Joel gives you a complete pitch, ready to be presented, all you have to do is plug in your personal information... READ MORE

OPTION #1: THE "JUMPSTART" – Joel Bauer's "Zero to Hero In 14 Days"

Joel Bauer Will Hold Your Hand Step-By-Step To Go From ZERO To HERO in 14 Days...

Mentor, Joel Bauer, teaches people with no online experience or technical skill to go from zero to potentially $14,000.00 USD or more in 4-7 days or less..

Joel just helped Jeff Weatherford in real-time with an audience of 350 plus watching every move. Jeff Weatherford has brought in Over $15,000+ in just 6 days! It's your turn to shine and monetize online now!

TRUTH TIME: What do so many of the successful influencers, sales pros, and business owners, especially the ones you see in this screenshot have in common?

Peng Joon, Joe Polish, Jordan Belfort, Bill Glazer and more... They've all learned the secrets of Joel Bauer's legendary 20-Move Matrix®!

And armed with it, they're ALL killing it with their presentations and offers.

High-level pros pay Joel $25,000 or more to privately reveal the keys to his Matrix. This is the first time he's been willing to offer a program that walks you through the process end to end – in a fun, fast, affordable 14-day sequence.

The fact that it is simple and there are no additional expenses involved is precisely why people don’t do it this way.

Marketers typically don’t have any motivation to teach techniques that don’t involve selling their software or ongoing training. This trusted process is designed for people who want to be independent, NOT codependent. 

Not only will Joel's Zero2Hero system successfully position you online as someone with a clear offer and a clear opportunity to empower others, it will support you long term and allow you to begin mastering your own personal marketing process. You will be set apart and positioned as a leader.

For those who have nothing and need to move quickly, without having to spend money, Joel is simply showing his direct method of how to build a membership site and gain traction with an audience right now! 

With his clear guidance, potentially for anyone that implements the moves, this is an absolute organic process and it produces tangible results. You will emerge stronger.

Copycat courses out there cost $2,000, $3,000 or more don’t deliver even CLOSE to the no-nonsense value you’re about to get… for a FRACTION of the price!

AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! – Just 14 Days to Complete ALL Moves. Start Your Guided Challenge NOW Before the Doors Close!

Only One

Payment of $397

($854 in actual product value!)

  • 14 Daily Video Sessions: Daily video sessions designed to give you step-by-step moves to help and guide your implementation.
  • Daily Action Emails: Daily Action Videos for 14 Days delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Tools For Instant Implementation: All Custom Templates, Tools, Boiler Plates, etc. No Detail Will Be Left Out.
  • Proof of Concept Case Studies: Over 9 hours of video content with solid proof of concept case studies to help you succeed quickly and easily. 

...All delivered at a pace you can consume by Joel Bauer, live each day for 14 days. If you miss a moment, it will always be delivered and present automatically.

"Effective Results or Your Money Back" Guarantee:

30 FULL days, risk free!

Join the challenge, participate, implement and...

After completing the 14-day challenge, if you feel like this isn't the greatest training of it's kind, or that it didn’t guide you through creating your most effective and profitable presentation ever, Joel will give you every penny back.

That's right. Keep your templates, your case studies, and your new matrix.

All you need to do is to email Joel's team with your receipt with the title "Tried and Failed", and include your completed Bauer Matrix®, and you'll get your money back with no questions asked!

OPTION #2: **MOST POPULAR** – "Mastr Presentr"

The Most Comprehensive 90-Day Program to Make You the Authority You Must Be – Get Access to the Top Stages, Platforms and Influencers As You Attract Massive Wealth!

Joel Bauer is known world-wide as the "Godfather of Instant Authority". After nearly a decade of constant requests from his students, including Russell Brunson, Alex Mandossian and Jordan Belfort, Joel finally gave in. He and his team have curated and strategically packaged this "best in class" authority-building curriculum for you!

This is the path to strategically build a no-fail business, based on creating and leveraging real authority. With the knowledge that gets transferred to you, you'll gain access to the stages, platforms and influencers that will power your business for years to come.

Here's the reality... You can either hope to master the art of creating instant authority or you can follow the step-by-step plan laid out for you in the Mastr Presentr program. This is your complete sure-fire path to mastery!

Don't waste time trying to figure it out yourself! Instead, guarantee the strategic growth of your reputation and your business as a Master of presentation and authority – following Joel Bauer's multi-decade-proven system.

Mastr Presentr is the ultimate program on the planet to help you create income as an expert, master presenter and authority, with the world's most unbeatable guarantee!

This 90-day program delivers you the INSTANT AUTHORITY you're missing. It features 5 in-depth Master Courses that position you as the ONLY LOGICAL CHOICE...

MASTER COURSE #1: The Complete 6-Move “LIVE Authority Matrix”: The main IN-DEPTH course that sets up and pre-frames the rest of the program. Build MAXIMUM, revenue-attracting authority with minimum effort, leveraging these 6 simple moves.

MASTER COURSE #2: "Ultimate Closer Webinar Secrets": Joel has some of the highest webinar conversion rates on record. Leverage his exact 20 webinar moves to create an instant-authority building webinar. Close your ideal buyers, lightening-fast, on your programs, your products and your services.

AUTHORITY MASTER COURSE #3: “Virtual Studio Magic”: Here, Joel show you how to set up your own cost-effective virtual studio. He gives you complete tour of his home-studio and walks you through every detail of how to set it up in a way that creates ultimately confidence and authority for you at a fraction of the cost.

AUTHORITY MASTER COURSE #4: “The Interview Code”: Position yourself online as an authority figure with Joel’s M. A. S. K. method. Accelerate your credibility with the ultimate authority positioning interview. “Is it easy? Does it work? Can I do it?”

AUTHORITY MASTER COURSE #5: “Sizzle Reel Secrets”: An effective sizzle reel of your proof, appearances and accomplishment is the single best way to establish instant authority. With these three simple sizzle reel trainings, you’ll create the ultimate sizzle reel faster than you can say... sizzzzzzzzzzle!

The Ultimate Total Mastery Program and Bonuses Package, PLUS a Guarantee Only Joel Bauer Would Dare Make!

ADDED: Over $1,500 Worth of Mind-Blowing Bonuses:

On top of the training you're getting, Joel and his team decided to create even more value for you with a laundry list of innovative add-on bonuses.

The “6-Figure Studio... 3-Figure Price Tag” Blueprint ($197 Value): This is the EXACT blueprint you want to follow to produce 6 or 7 figures from your own virtual studio, like Joel. It’s everything Joel uses to produce a big studio look at an "average Joe" price!

“The Webinar Authority Matrix” Checklist ($397 Value): This is Joel's entire webinar checklist. Everything you need to know to sell high ticket offers via webinar.

$497 One-Time

($2,081 in legitimate total value!)

  • 5 MASTER COURSES: Every week you'll receive access to a new video-based training module to guide you through your next business- and profit- growth steps.
  • TRIPLE THREAT BONUS PACKAGE: “6-Figure Studio... 3-Figure Price Tag” + “The Webinar Authority Matrix” Checklist...

The "Authority Positioning or Else" Guarantee:

Try the ENTIRE THING for 365 days, risk free!

If you go through all 5 of the Master Courses, implement what you learn, complete your webinar, your book and your sizzle reel and you aren’t 100% confident that you’re now positioned as an authority, we’ll send your money back.

That's right. All you need to do is to email us with your receipt and proof you’ve completed your pieces, and what went wrong where… and we’ll refund you. Sound more than fair?

OPTION #3: TOTAL MASTERY – The Full Year "Mentor Membership"

Imagine Being Mentored Directly, by the "Mentor's Mentor". Get Joel's Step-by-Step, Proven Marketing System and Potentially Generate 7-Figures in Your Business – Plus Joel's 'Crazy' Guarantee!

If you truly want to be a student and ultimately master the art of presence, pitch and persuasion, this is the program for you.

You'll get a full year's curriculum revealing Joel's move-by-move process to design your own profit system; present your offers confidently; and close new clients into your business quickly.

Join the best community on Earth, who will support you and help you stay accountable to take action and build your business systems. Get empowered to create your products, services, and book, even if you're just getting started in your business.

Joel Bauer's Mentorship Membership will show you exactly how to quickly grow your business, potentially to 7-figures and beyond.

Every week you'll receive access to a new video-based training module to guide you through your next business and profit growth steps.

52+ Modules at a Glance: HOVER and CLICK Any Module for More Details

The Ultimate, Presentation and Persuasion Mastery Program, PLUS Joel's "No One Else Would Dare Make It" Guarantee!

Over $75,000 Value in Unmatchable Gifts:

BIG BONUS #1: "Money Matrix Webinar Model": The 20-move matrix that’s responsible for multiple millions in sales - yours as a checklist and slide templates! Plus get deconstructed examples of this matrix in action for other students.

BIGGER BONUS #2: "Ultimate Authority Positioning Secrets": How to create instant authority in interviews, live video and more. Plus $5,000+ video training series on setting up your virtual studio.

BIGGEST BONUS #3: "Your INSTANT Book": Publish your own book in less than 72 hours, edit your book cover or use Joel’s instant book -- a $75,000 gift!

$8,000 One-Time

  • WEEKLY RELEASES: Every week you'll receive access to a new video-based training module to guide you through your next business- and profit- growth steps.
  • MONTHLY Q&A: Once a month you'll receive access to an exclusive Q&A with Joel Bauer so you can get your questions answered and implement what you learn in the modules.
  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY: Get 24/7 access to our private community where you can ask questions and get support anytime you'd like.

"Put It to Use and You CANNOT Lose" Promise:

The completely one-of-a-kind, Bauer "Plus $1,000 Guarantee" is ONLY offered for this complete annual membership:

Joel's promise to you is that if you implement all the steps of the training for the year and somehow don't generate 3X your investment, he'll give you a full refund – plus a $1000 as his gift!

Just execute and submit a "Proof of Action Form" to activate this 100% risk-free + $1,000 Money Back Guarantee.

No one else has ever made a guarantee like this, except for Joel Bauer. There's just plain ol' NO WAY YOU CAN LOSE!