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Persuasion to a Whole new Level

Joel Bauer has brought the art and science of persuasion to a whole new level. His remarkable technologies will amaze even the most dedicated of skeptics.

200,000+ in New Revenue

$200,000+ in revenue through my systems, books, webinars, events and multiple revenue streams. Joel's training and support made it possible!

"An Amazing 25% Conversion!"

I just conducted my second sales group presentation today and had an amazing 25% conversion! This is my best ever closing. I have specifically used Joel's techniques (of course!). The best part was I had GREAT fun doing it. Thank you Joel!

Double or Triple my Closing Percentages

My name is Robert Allen. I'm a famous author of a lot of best selling books and I speak to a lot of audiences and I'm pretty good at closing... to tell you the truth I'm pretty darn good. It took me a long time to figure that out, but by watching Joel, learning from him, I absolutely know that I'm going to take my closing percentage and double or triple it. Because when you watch what he does and learn the techniques and the structure he uses behind what he's teaching, you know that you can apply it yourself.

Joel made all the Difference

Joel earned his consulting fee within ten minutes of walking into my office. Joel showed us how to increase perceived value, which diminished attendees concerns to our high ticket platinum program.

We Generated $272,000

In just less than five months we generated over $272,000 as a direct result of Joel's training!

Joel Bauer is the Master's Master

Joel Bauer has a level of impeccable perfectionism that I've never witnessed anywhere else in any other speaker. I've been around this business for 30 years and studied all the best of the best... politically, theologically, business-wise and academically. I've never seen anyone come in and mesmerize a crowd, take ownership of their mind, please them and have them ecstatically excited. He's the Master's Master.

$60,000 per year while in high school

Joel’s training enabled me to: Generate $60,000 per year while in high school, appear on television and in 100+ newspapers & Magazines, gain acceptance to Babson University and secure my current executive shareholder position.

Tony Robbins Speaker & Life Coach
Jorge Bueno Financial Consultant
Nishant Kasibhatia Memory Trainer
Robert G. Allen Author of Nothing Down & Multiple Streams of Income
Joe Polish Internet Guru, CEO Piranha Marketing
Brad & Jen Sumrock Real Estate Investors
Mark Victor Hansen Author of Chicken Soup for the Soup & The One Minute Millionaire
Johnathan Jacques Influencer

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  • Helped create over 248 seven-figure and eight-figure earning presentation and closing authorities…
  • Crafted billion dollar pitches for Apple, Motorola, 3M, Mitsubishi, Shell, Canon, IBM, Intel, Cargill, Disney and Panasonic to name a few…
  • Held the single stage sales record for 12 years straight at $2.1 million for a single offer and call…
  • Regularly have in-room closing rates over 50% of qualified audience in attendance…
  • Regularly take high-performers who haven’t yet learned the secrets of fully commanding an audience’s attention and open them to their next level potential…