When Will You Start Living?

I read this once and it stuck with me:

Grandpa dies. Daddy dies. Son dies. Happiness.

This was actually translated from a foreign language. Nevertheless – if that’s happiness, what is misery?

Misery is anything that changes this order. We never want to outlive our children. So let’s have a lesson in perspective, OK? Regardless of our problems – and we all have them – everything becomes irrelevant by comparison when it comes to the loss of a child. I have friends who’ve been tortured for the rest of their lives because they lost a child. I define that as misery.

Now that we have some perspective, how do your present challenges rate? And what are you going to do with the gifts you do have in the time you have left?

Today, I have one wish: I want to know the exact moment of my death. I want to know exactly where I’m going to be. The day, the month, the year, the second. Because if know that, I can plan accordingly. I can start living life, versus saving that special outfit for a rainy day, putting away jewelry I only wear on special occasions, not celebrating with my wife and children because we’ve been to temper our spending and reserve our resources “just in case.”

We’ve all been trained to wait, rather than to live our lives.

But if you knew you were going to die in two weeks, you probably wouldn’t be reading this post right now. You’d be doing something else. You’d be living your life extremely differently.

Putting aside the quantum physics to focus on the here and now – the reality we’re consciously aware of – life moves in one direction, and you can’t go backwards. Our life plays out on a timeline. Generally speaking, most people don’t live to be 100. They’re born – and, boom. They’re 50 years old. About 30 percent of the world doesn’t even make it that far.

Most of us will make it through about age 70. Females will make it to roughly age 86. And based on my studies of actuarial tables and insurance companies and government statistics, I answered my own question. I will get a little extra breathing time and I’m going to make it to just about 84.

Whatever age you are now, best case scenario, you’ve got from now till 80 or 90. At what point are you going to start living?

What does knowing how much time you have left have to do with your earnings potential? Well, what do you want to do with the time you have left? Because if you don’t have a purpose for the money you want to make, an application for the money, a specific intention for it , then you won’t make any real money.

You may not realize that. This is not about the law of attraction or the law of abundance thinking. This is just the fact that if you don’t have a specific application for the money you want to earn, you won’t generate big dollars. You’ve got to need the big dollars you want for a specific purpose.

When will you start living? What is the purpose for the rest of your life? And how, specifically, will you apply the money you will earn to support your purpose in life?

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Steven Leeds - February 26, 2018 Reply

Ah, the helpfulness of having a specific purpose for the big dollars … good move.
Been waiting to start living, for permission from someone who will never give it – bad move.
P.S. Just took notice of all the pink on black …

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