What Is Your GiftSHIFT?

There’s something inside me that motivates me to want to train you and transfer my life’s work to you before I’m gone because I, too, will pass forward and onward, as we all will. We’re only here for so long. So why don’t we make legacy moves that leave a dynasty for our family? Why don’t we do something so meaningful that it transcends the money, even though the money will be there?

What if there were a gift inside of you?

Something that drove you so significantly. Something you had visited as a child. I remember my chemistry set, my James Bond set. I remember my Major Matt Mason. I bet you remember something that was so significant to you as a child. It could’ve been a toy. A kit. A bike. A Beanie Baby. Or the Wii.
Typically, my son wanted for Christmas that one thing in limited production for that year. The year I’m thinking of, it was the Wii. I spent literally three weeks searching for a Wii, and I found the last one in Southern California. I had a 102 fever, standing in line the night before Christmas. I was really sick, but I bought that Wii for my son, wrapped it, and then hid it so he wouldn’t find it. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, waiting to give him this gift. I had the one thing he wanted more than anything in the planet, and I had to wait to give it to him.
You might think only a parent can relate to this, but you can relate to this, too. Because there is something you wanted that badly as a child, because you didn’t want money as a young child. You wanted a thing. Something that transcended money. You didn’t have a lot of responsibility at that point, but there was a gift you very badly wanted. What was it?
Well, the GiftSHIFT for me was finding that thing that my son wanted. Finding the gift for someone I love so much and then having to conceal it. Having to wrap it and hide it under the piano. Having to hold back on it. I just wanted to go home and give it to him instantly but, no, I had to hold back. I walked around that day coughing and sneezing with a disgusting cold and a fever, but I was so happy inside because I had this gift for my son. And I forced myself to wait until 7 p.m., after all the other gifts had been opened. Then one of my daughters saw the package and said, “Sterling, this is for you.” I had wrapped it in pink, so he would never have thought it was his gift.
“Oh, my god,” he said. “Is this a Wii? Oh, you did it! Oh, my god, you did it! How’d you do that? How’d you get it? Oh, my god! Hallelujah! Dad, how’d you do it?”
You have no idea how happy he was.

So the GiftSHIFT is the thing inside you that you just can’t help but share with others.

When you see someone who has that gift inside of them, they’re unstoppable. They can sell anyone, persuade anyone, influence anyone, because they’re coming from their life’s work. They’re coming from their passion; they’re coming from their purpose.

I challenge you now to create, isolate, and locate your GiftSHIFT.

I wrote an entire book on this, so I’m just covering the most important details here. Maybe yours is a relationship. Maybe you want to transfer the relationship you had with your grandfather or grandmother to your child. Or maybe your wife does not have a good relationship with her father. Perhaps they’re estranged. So you reach out, knowing how important that relationship is to her, even if she doesn’t believe fixing it is possible. And you’re able to manifest that connection, and that becomes the gift that drives you. That becomes the emotional connection that drives every move you make.
Perhaps you can provide a solution that you have inside you. Something you know or something you created or something you found that solves a problem. Maybe it’s the cure for cancer. Maybe it’s a way of alkalizing someone’s body so they become bulletproof and are able to avoid life-threatening diseases. Maybe you have a piece of information or something you can teach that is a revelation.

Whatever it is, I want you to find your GiftSHIFT. If you accept this challenge and take the time to do this, you will never be the same.
What would you do for free, if money were no concern? That’s the direction we’re moving in, here. Understand something. This GiftSHIFT is a very big deal. What is it inside you that drives you? What is it inside you that allows you to say “Carpe diem!” when you wake up early in the morning so that you’re able to seize the day and seize the moment? What is it that you can’t wait to communicate or telegraph to other people or share with them? That’s what you’re looking for. Don’t worry about anything else, like the how. Just do this part.

What would you do for free, if money were no concern?

Most people will never find their purpose in life. Oh, they might work with a passion, but passion is only part of the equation. I want you to find your purpose.
Once you do this, you will have a real answer to life’s greatest question: “What do you do?” But when you reveal your answer, it’ll be on an emotional level. It’ll be Gift-shifted so that people will hang on your every word, want to do business with you. They’ll understand you and they’ll believe in you.

It’s time for you now to isolate and identify your GiftSHIFT.
Having mentored the top 1800 income producing speakers, coaches, authors, consultants and marketers, I have learned what works in terms of generating results.  I would like for you to experience this same mentoring for free.

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