What Did You Want When You Were Young?

As you attempt to identify your passion and purpose, let’s explore your earliest desires. Who did you want to be when you were young?

Did you want to be a musician or an athlete? Maybe you had a dream to design software. Whatever your dream, you gave up on it at some point. Perhaps it was a result of your parents’ limiting beliefs or your teachers telling you that you’d never really be the best of the best, so you could never make enough money pursuing your dream.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a magician. I had tremendous insecurity, and when I performed a little magic trick, people would give me kudos and acknowledgment for something so simple. Even though the praise was rather superficial, it made me feel like I was OK. So I pursued my dream and became a magician. I did it successfully, making millions of dollars a year using magic in marketing. Then I dropped the trickery because I didn’t like how it felt.

When you were young, did you want to be a dancer? A writer? Did you want people to live vicariously through your words, your imagination, your skill of articulate communication? Did you want to foster words into stories? Transport readers into another place and time?

Some people love to collect things. Did you want to collect stamps or coins or even garbage? Some people find treasures in other people’s trash. Then there are people who collect money just to have it – with no plans to apply it to any cause or greater purpose.

Did you want to be a comedian or a gossip columnist – making fun of other people or keeping up with the Kardashians? Did you want to be a painter or a sculptor? My mother wanted to be a painter, but her parents forced her to compromise her dream, and eventually she gave up on it. Never went back to it.

Did you want to be a fighter? To teach martial arts or gymnastics? You know, Nadia Comăneci, who at the age of 14 became the first gymnast to receive a perfect 10 in an Olympic performance during the 1976 Montreal Olympics, still teaches gymnastics. Did you want to be an actor? These are just some of the things people dream of doing. And then someone generally snuffs out their dreams.

They told Lance Armstrong that he was going to die. He had four forms of cancer. Twenty surgeons said, “Get your affairs in order. You’re going to die.” He decided, instead, to win the Tour de France. What was different for him? His mindset.

Understand this: your mindset is everything.

Your mindset determines all. That cage you live in is self-imposed. Initially, it might have been created by your parents, your environment, the schools you attended. Maybe you were bullied. There are reasons people live with limitation. But there’s an expiry date on our excuses.

What you wanted as a child is generally a clue about what you’re destined to do in life. When you find your path and define your purpose, everything falls into alignment.

What if I told you that you don’t need to give up on your dream? That you could reinstate your dream? That through the processes I will share with you, you can get paid to do what you love? You can. To learn more, keep reading…

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