My Lesson for the Dalai Lama

Every person on the planet experiences challenges. We may cope with them differently, but we all have them. What you may not realize is how important it is to know what your problem is on a sensory level. Ultimately, problems equal happiness.

I actually had the opportunity to reveal this to the Dalai Lama. Oh, I paid a lot of money to be with the Dalai Lama. It was all donated to charity, but while I was with him, he asked me what happiness was.

I said, “Take notes,” and he laughed. Then he actually got a pen and paper.

“If you have a problem,” I explained, “you automatically move in the direction of a solution. You cannot define a problem in specific sensory terms unless you are working toward a solution to the problem.”

That’s right. Articulating the problem with precision moves you toward a solution, and when you have even part of the solution, you have a level of achievement. And that level of achievement brings you something called self-esteem. And self-esteem brings you to a place we call happiness, which is not somewhere we usually stay in. It’s somewhere we visit once in awhile.

So if you want more happiness in your life, you probably need more self-esteem. If you want more self-esteem, you likely need more achievement. If you want more achievement, you need to find a solution. Which means you need a problem. Problems equal happiness.

What problem are you working to solve right now? Where are the solutions? Who or what do you need to arrive at them? What are you waiting for? Or would you rather not be happy?

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