3 Presentation Tips That Turn Business Skeptics into Buyers

John Chow called me a liar online. He accused me of stretching the truth and portraying myself inaccurately. John is a brilliant, successful online blogger & vlogger, business owner, master of presentation and has an incredible following… and he had the wrong information yet didn’t know it.

I called John and we had a conversation. I invited him to train with me for two days and two nights – for him to see for himself how my system could increase his bottom-line results. Just over a year later John sent me a video. In the video he said:

“I’m here in Phoenix for the home business summit, speaking here this weekend. And I want to show you something. I got presented with a check for $757,230.70. This check represents how much money I made with MO in the last 17 months. And I got to tell you, Joel, that if it wasn’t for your training I received at Profit Point learning how to engage the audience, learning how to…”

Three presentation tips changed John’s business mind

I’m about to reveal the three critical presentation tips that will enable you to change the business minds and hearts of even the most skeptical people you come in contact with…business people who previously would not have given you the time of day… You will be able to take these three presentation tips and convert those business skeptics into customers and then raving fans who refer you for life.

The three presentation tips are: Truth, Authenticity & Proof (T.A.P)


A river can have undertow so strong that it pulls you down and takes your life. Telling lies, stretching the truth or making inaccurate representations can drown your business in the same way. You tell the Truth because it’s easier to remember. You tell the Truth because it builds your self-esteem and gives you a reputation of being an ethical, moral, valuable member of your community.


Your business prospects, clients, and fans feel your authenticity. When they’re around you, they feel your congruency. It makes you the ONLY logical choice. When you wake up in the morning and you can’t wait to get out of bed because you’ve got a gift to share, that’s when you know you’re being authentic.


In my computer, I have over 11,000 video testimonials of people I’ve empowered through my marketing systems… EVERY testimonial I use that has a financial claim is verified.

For instance, I was thrilled when Brad & Jen Sumrock sent me a video about what it felt like when they generated $272,000 in less than 5 months,  as a result of my training. However, I shared their testimonial in my presentations only after I received copies of bank deposits and verification from their accountant.

That’s proof. That’s solid. That’s inarguable.

3 Presentation Tips to Create Buyers:

  1. Reflect on how truthful you are in your life and in your marketing. Make sure what you say is in alignment with what you do. Seek the truth in everything you do.
  2. Ask yourself how congruent you are with your message. This [What Are You Passionate About?] will also help you increase your authenticity.
  3. Gather video testimonials of people you’ve empowered. Make sure you back up every claim with proof.  Make collecting video testimonials your new hobby.  Go back to every person you have connected with.  Find testimonials about your great character, the results you generated (emotional, financial, spiritual, physical, etc.)

Having mentored the top 1900 income producing speakers, coaches, authors, consultants, and marketers, I have learned what works in terms of generating results.  I would like for you to experience this same mentoring for free.

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